Safety shoes

Safety shoes that provide shock absorption by protective cap have markings S1, S2 and S3, sole resistant for oil on steel have markings SRB and slip resistant on ceramic SRA, SRC=SRB+SRA.
Protection levels S1 = (A+FO+E), S2 = (A+FO+E+WRU) and S3 = (A+FO+E+WRU+P) are referring to;
A- Antistatic features, FO - hydrocarbons resistant sole, E- Energy absorption in the heel, WRU - Upper material is water resistant, P - Anti-perforation sole.
Additional protection: 
HI - Heat-isolating sole, CI - Cold-isolating sole, HRO - Sole is resistant against heat during contact to 300°C, CR - Upper fabric is cut-proof, WR -water resistant shoes, ESD - electrostatic discharge, M - metatarsal protection.
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