ATG Glove Maxiflex Ultimate AD-APT

Catalog number: 42-874 AD-APT/06 3,66 € *

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Description: Working gloves for precision handling in a dry environments with AD-APT technology maintain a hand in gloves dry, cold and productive
Coating: palm nitril coated
Thickness: 1mm
Length: 25cm
Color: dark gray-black
Features and benefits:
AD-APT® technology cools the hands and reduces sweating, it does not affect the body's natural ability to regulate their own temperature and thermoregulation, reduced sweating 31% compared to standard gloves
AIRTech® technology delivers 360 ° breathability, shape, fit and feeling of class-leading, reduce wetting your hand and increase comfort,
DURATech® technology makes the glove extremely durable, submitted 18, 000 abrasive cycles per millimeter thanks to the use of technology in making padding lining,
ERGOTech® tech-mimics "idle hands" by reducing fatigue and increasing comfort
Application: DIY, dressing and inspection, gardening, handling small parts, primary, secondary and finishing and installation, maintenance, logistics and storage, the use of tools and instruments., precision engineering, general handling
Available sizes: 5-12
Standards: EN420, EN388 4131A

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